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5 Must Have Things in Employee On-boarding!

In this post, I’ve included some important things that need to be taken care of in an organization during joining of a new employee. This is easy and any organization can implement it with just a little planning. An effective on-boarding plan is something that helps a new employee to settle in as a part of the team.

Here are 5 must haves for a new employee’s on-boarding plan:

1.Orientation – Introduction to Team & Job Role It’s important that the new employee feels welcome to the new team that he/she is going to be part of. A small act of gathering the team and asking them to introduce / greet each other will do the trick. However, I prefer to take it a step further and so, at Zest, before I put this new employee in spotlight in the circle full of strangers and ask for his / her introduction, our team takes initiative by greeting him personally upon his arrival on his first day. And by the time the introduction begins, they are not really strangers anymore.

Next, the introduction…

Leadership in software development - At Level 1

John Maxwell has described 5 levels of leadership which help leaders in any business domain to understand where they are and where to go from there. His book "The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential" covers the levels in much more details with example. In this article, I will share what I have learned from my experiences and challenges I faced during my Level 1 of leadership and how I was able to make it through to next level.
How you make team feel? Being a newly introduced leader, team will not be knowing you beyond a formal introduction. Communications and action during initial days are most important  and here is what is recommended.
Be a curious listener and allow your team members to speak. Do not provide solutions right away. Make sure that its just information that do not require action, a general complain that requires taking note or a problematic situation where immediate action from your end is required.Do not talk about your e…

BEM - Overview and Usability

BEM Methodology is a new pathway to naming convention in HTML & CSS. Its an approach towards unified language, using three powerful entities - Block, Elements and Modifiers, which can be used to produce leading standards for industrial web services.
Why BEM? You must have wondered, why should we use BEM when there are so many ways to use naming conventions in CSS, or you already have your own standards?! Things can be surely attained in various ways but ultimately what makes difference is its usability and effectiveness.
Some considerable advantages of BEM are:
Reuse code base (as its component based)Avoid structural dependencies (by using only class names)Avoid too many comments in CSS files (helping in optimization)Simplifying refactoring of large files or sitesMaintains consistency, hence semantic, across the site in forms of independent blocks & stylesLess KT sessions as its self explanatoryIndependent from any library or APIs Basics of  BEM: It simply is all about naming …

Powershell Commands in SP2016 Part-II

Some cmdlets of SP2016 I described in my previous post Powershell Commands In SP2016 Part-I. I will describe some more cmdlets in this post.

So lets get started and have a glimpse at remaining ones of new cmdlets:
Get-SPWebTemplatesEnabledForSiteMasterUse this cmdlet to get the full list of all the site master web templates in the farm.
Eg. Get-SPWebTemplatesEnabledForSiteMaster Import-SPAccessServicesDatabaseThis cmdlet imports the service database from the bacpac package as exported by the cmdlet Export-SPAccessServicesDatabase (explained in my previous post). A Bacpac file is created by SQL Server during an export operation of a database. It contains all the information needed for moving or importing the database to a new SQL Server. 
Eg.  Import-SPAccessServicesDatabase -Bacpac AccessApp.bacpac -DatabaseName $db -ServerReferenceId $id
Here, Bacpac, Databasename and ServerReferenceId are the required parameters. Move-SPSocialCommentThis cmdlet moves the social comment from one page t…

Powershell Commands in SP2016 Part-I

With SharePPoint 2016 some new Powershell Cmdlets have arrived. I would like to share some of the new powershell cmdlets for SP2016 with a brief overview of each. Some cmdlets I will describe in this post and some cmdlets in next post.

SharePoint 2016 has introduced a new functionality for Site Template deployment called “Site Masters”. These are master Site Templates, configured by a SharePoint Administrator, that allow quick deployment of a Site Template when a new SharePoint Site is requested.

Creating new site master can be done through power shell cmdlet very easily.

Also, some cmdlets are added for controlling the services to make the administrator's job easy.

Lets have a glimpse at  some of new cmdlets:
Add-DatabaseToAvailabilityGroup  This cmdlet adds one or more databases from a SharePoint farm into an availability group in SQL Server.

Eg. Add-DatabaseToAvailabilityGroup -AGName MyAvailabilityGroup -DatabaseName WSS_Content -FileShare \\backup\share\ Copy-SPAccessServicesDa…

Best Testing Practices In Agile Methodologies

To do testing in Agile,is not an easy task as agile is dynamic and focusing on "inspect-and-adapt" approach. QA should be ready to adapt changes at any level of Testing. QA/Tester has to focus on each & every stages of product and team collaboration require more. There are more chances of errors, as in agile, documentations are less important. So pressure comes on QA in that case.

Image Source:
There are some best practices for testing which I would like to share so you can deliver customer satisfied and stable product.

1. Understand requirement as per Customer perspective and provide Value-Added Suggestions if any needed.
- Understand all the requirements in detail and the acceptance criteria.
- While understanding think as a End User i.e. How easily it can be usable for end user and provide feedback and suggestions as per that.
- Be thoughtful and bold enough to give proper and timely feedback.

2. Create strong Test Scenari…

Introduction to CSS Viewport Units

CSS viewport units are not alien to us now. They have been there around for few years now. Its no wonder it was not with full browser support earlier but at moment, they are supported in all major browsers including IE10+ versions. The viewport is the visible area of a web page and viewport unit is relative to that viewport size, unlike percentage unit which is relative to its parent.
What are these units? These are actually relative length units and hence efficient for responsive layouts. There are four viewport units.

Viewport height (vh) = As it's name states, it is based on height of the viewport. Thus 1vh = 1% of viewport height.

Viewport Width (vw) = It is relative to its viewport width. 1vw = 1% of viewport width.

Viewport Minimum (vmin) = Based on smaller dimension of the viewport. Either width or height, whatever is smaller, vmin will be related to that. 5vmin = 5% of current viewport height or width, whichever is smaller.

Viewport Maximum (vmax) = Based on larger dimension …

Tricks To Find Maximum Bugs In Least Time

As a Quality Engineer we have to find all the hidden bugs with all types of severities from the Software.QA has to find bugs in less time so we can get an idea that Software is deliverable or not at the early stage and we can reduce failure of an application.
Image Source:
I as a QA find maximum bugs from any application and I love to report bugs. Here are some of the tricks to find maximum bugs in less amount of time:
1. Get understanding of Software in detail before starting testing. Get Understanding of Functionality Get idea about how client is going to use our Software Get an information that which platform/technology is going to be used In short get thorough understanding of requirement and functionality. 2. Prepare Test Scenarios and Test Cases which include all areas i.e. Functional, UI/UX, Non-Functional etc. 3. Prepare Test Data which include Test Conditions, Boundaries, Positive and Negative test data, Permutat…

Quick Start with Gulp

This article is about how to start with gulp process as a beginner. It is a simple step by step guide to install and start with gulp.

Before we jump into the process, lets get to know a little about Gulp.
What is Gulp? Gulp is a build tool or simply a toolkit which helps to automate your repetitive set of tasks (known as task-runners) in your development work. These tasks can be anything such as compiling CSS preprocessors, JavaScript or image files, building a project and deployment of the files in a separate folder, browser reloading, minification and so on. Basically these development tasks are time consuming or tedious and Gulp does it all for us. We will not get into how all this work as of now but remember it works with package managers and handles front-end tasks.
Getting started with Gulp1. Install Node.js As I mentioned Gulp works with a package manager npm. Node is server side package manager.

First step is to make your environment ready for Gulp. Download Node.js from its

Four Important IE Hacks

Have you ever panicked with troubleshooting some silly issues for IE browsers. I assume yes. Most of the developers confronted with such problems including myself. Sometimes it is so annoying as well as time consuming to resolve few IE bugs. Here I shared some of the IE hacks to save your time. Hope it helps.
1. box-sizing issue When I was using bootstrap with XML documents, many a time IE8 didn't supported global reset for box-sizing.
* {box-sizing:border-box} //remove this global declaration

As a hack, first I used to remove this global style from the css and write below chunk of code as an internal style on my page which resolved responsiveness issues.

Add back these box-sizing properties for two cases when its other IE versions, not IE8 and when its other browsers, not any IE.

<![if IE]><![if !IE]>
*, *:before, *:after { 
        -moz-box-sizing:border-box;           box-sizing:border-box  }
</style> <![en…