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5 Employee Engagement Activities that Worked For My Team

1.    Team – LunchLuxurious Lunches have always been most favorite activity of my team-mates. It is one thing I’ll always find everyone Ever-ready and Ever-excited about. I can say it’s because of the team interaction and getting to know each other better but common! Who am I kidding? We are talking about luxury buffets here. It’s all about food and the experience. But bottom line, it brings smile on everyone’s face and being their HR, it’s important for me to take care of their happiness.

2.     Diwali Celebration
      Diwali Week Celebration is one of the most enjoyed activities of the year by the team. The festive spirits are high during this time. Therefore, I prepare a one whole week celebration plan known as “Diwali Week”. Everyday 2 to 3 hours are allocated for games and activities. This time I included combinations of diverse activities starting from Dress-codes, Decorations, Rangoli, Diwali -games, One-minute competitions and all-time favorite ‘Housie’. Everyone had amazing week and on the last day of the week while parting away for Diwali holidays, I wished everyone personally with Diwali Gifts. Diwali gifts were another most liked part of the week.

Two things are important here. One, Know the things/activities being really liked by your team. Two, continue doing it more and better.

3.      Chocolate Bucket
      Gamification is another approach I successfully practiced to promote our team culture - the Values and Attitudes that we, as part of this company, believe in and carry with us.
      I introduced ‘Chocolate Bucket’. It was a game where everyone was asked to share any great in-house or out-in-the-world example/incident, which directly reflects any of our Values/Attitudes, throughout the week. At the end of the week, top 3 examples with highest ‘Like’ Votes from the team got to win luxurious chocolates.

 People started coming up with really amazing and live team examples to win top 3 positions and chocolates, which also made them more observant, aware and appreciative about themselves and their teammates of ways in which they were following our Values/Attitudes.

4.      Birthday Celebrations
Special Days in Special ways!

Everyone’s birthday is a special day for them. And when they are spending that day with company, it’s important that it’s appreciated. So I focused on two basic things. I know people like surprises; I know people like to be appreciated. I kept it simple yet effective by involving all the other team-mates to prepare a birthday greeting.  I asked them to write down their birthday wishes + one thing they like about “birthday baby”. Voila! It worked wonders for my team. It got everyone in team excited to keep it surprise and be creative, artistic and unique with their wishes every time. And this personal touch from everyone made “birthday baby” feel special and excited about coming to work on their birthday. In fact now the rests are eagerly waiting for their birthdays to experience it all ;)

5.     #mynewyearresolution
      Here is another activity I created to boost my team 
      to work actively on their professional and personal goals. I shared the guidelines with team and this is how Zest team decided to start their New Year 2017. Everyone took part in #mynewyearsresolution, picked up Professional and Personal New Year’s resolutions, shared it with others and swore to follow-through. Now they keep checking-up on and boost each other for progress. Some of these resolutions include: Learn new technology, Get certification, Raise performance level, Better work approaches, More focus/ attention to detail, Better testing &.. Lose weight, Quit addiction, Follow fitness regime, Healthy diet, Act of kindness, Run Marathon – get place in top 20, Drive slow. And I must say that the enthusiasm and commitment has been commendable so far.

(People grow = Company Grow, and vice-versa)