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5 Things I love About Modern Team Sites in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online modern team sites has been around for a while now and it was sitting in my list of evaluation that I was planning to do since last year. This week, I was able to try provisioning a new modern team site and love these features inside document library that I wanted to share with everyone.

Information Pane

Here is a quick screenshot of information pane. If you select any of the list item and click on the little info icon in the top right,  you will be able to see some quick insights along with ability to change meta data. 

In the above image, you can see we can actually set assigned to field right from information panel. 

User info popup

I have been working with SharePoint People and group fields since long time and I was used to see a full display name along with its presence icon since SharePoint 2010 version but now we have much more interesting details in the user popup and it looks awesome!

Show/Hide Columns without going to modify view

This is another feature that I loved because I do frequent adjustments to add/modify columns based on the work that I am doing on a list/document library. Now you can click on column header and customize the columns that will bring in a side menu with column checkboxes which is almost similar to what you see in modify view columns section.

Drag & Drop in views

When you are working with grouped views, you can drag and drop list items from one group to another to change the group field value! So, if you want to move a task from pending to in progress, you just need to drag and drop it from the pending group to drag and drop and it will become in progress! This is something really cool to have in SharePoint online. This will surely boost productivity for me!

Get a link of document

This feature was always there but you need to on list item menu to get the link. Now having a command bar and having a get a link button in there helps me get the link of the document very quickly! That is something I do a lot to let my team know I am doing with the documentation and here is the link to check!

Stay tuned for other interesting changes

There are so many other exciting changes that has happened but that I was not able to check myself. The images that you see here are taken from the channel 9 modern team site introduction video because of rich data setup that have used compared to mine! :)

We will be teaming up in entire April 2017 to find out maximum from the modern team sites and will keep you all posted about our experience with its new UX experience, customization etc.

Thank you and have a productive day with your SharePoint Intranet!