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Preparing for UI Developer Interview

During my experience in UI-UX/Web field, I appeared for several interviews at ranging from a startup to MNC level of organizations. I interviewed around more than 100 candidates till now.  This led me to list down some vital points to remember while appearing for the interview as a UI developer.

When you are actively seeking for a job in a good company, it is important to be quite meticulous of what you are exactly looking for. While appearing for the interview, do take care about your personality, attitude and body language. Please be tidy, neat and very accurate in what you speak. Show that comfort level to the interviewer to build the first level of trust.
Creating your first impression: Primary point of contact is your resume. A UX-UI developer's CV can be creative rather than a normal word doc file. If possible make a creative CV at least as a soft copy and send it to the HR/company you are appearing for. This generates a good impression in the interviewer's mind. Keep i…

Top Challenges Faced During Test Case Review And Tips To Overcome It

Test case review helps to identify missing scenarios, ensures all the functionalities are covered, all test case writing standards, finds undiscovered bugs. 

image source:
Challenges for Test Case Review: Needs to derive that all the functionalities should be coveredFind out that all the scenarios must be coveredEach test case should contain subject, pre-requisites, steps and follow standardsFinding out missing impacted areas Notifying duplicate, redundant, incomplete test cases Verify required test data Confirm understanding of test case writerWritten Test Cases should generate undiscovered defectsIf required non-functional test cases should be includedTest cases should be grouped properly like (UI, functional, non-functional should be separated)Tips to Overcome challenges of Test Case Review:
To make sure all the functionalities are covered or not use Requirement Traceability Matrix. All tests should be traceable to the requirement…

Tuples in C# 7.0

What is a Tuple?
              A Tuple is a finite ordered list of values, of possibly different types, which is used to bundle related values together without having to create a specific type to hold them or else we can say Tuple is a temporary grouping of values.

             so, a tuple is basically a data-structure. A tuple has a specific number and order/sequence of elements. The .NET Framework directly supports tuples with one to seven elements. In addition, you can create tuples of eight or more elements by nesting tuple objects in the rest property of a Tuple<T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, Trest> object.

            We may often write methods which return multiple values so we need to create a simple structure containing more than one data elements. To support these scenarios, tuples were added to C#. Tuples are lightweight data structures that contain multiple fields to represent the data members.
Here you can find how tuple can be used, Look at the following example:


SharePoint Framework Reading List - April 2017

Welcome to another Zest Blog post! In this blog post series, I will be sharing links to blogs from various locations on internet which are useful while planning, developing and deploying your SharePoint Framework based solutions. 
In this first part of SharePoint Framework Reading List, I am giving away list of links that can help you understand what is new with SharePoint Framework, its technical and end user benifits, when to and when not to use SharePoint Framework. Here it goes: When to use the new SharePoint Framework - Read through this article to if you are looking for guidelines regarding what are some important take aways and limitatinos of SharePoint Framework.Why SharePoint Framework - This is a github page wiki link from the dev-docs which are official documentation of SharePoint Framewrok.Why SharePoint Framework could benefit business, not just developers - This article provides 3 basic reasons why you must love SharePoint Framework even if you are not a developer!ShareP…

25 Reasons Why Working at Zest is Amazing!

“If you’re looking for amazing people to be part of your team, you need to be an amazing place to work for.”
Every company looks for best, amazing, rock-star, expert, excellent candidates to join their firm but what most forget is that it’s a two-way expectations. The candidate also looks for an amazing place to work for. While hiring amazing people is the primary focus and can be achieved with reasonable efforts, creating an amazing place for them and retaining such people is altogether different job and requires even more efforts.
Creating an amazing workplace requires a fine balance and match between company’s values and its people’s values. Although it may sound something impossible to achieve considering the diversity of people’s thoughts and beliefs, A standard set of values can always be worked out based on Experience, Observations and Information.
Which is why, here at Zest, one of the many things we do is constantly encourage feedback at all levels and help each other to be …

30 Powershell Commands Useful For Every SharePoint Developer

I have been working on SharePoint since long time and I find the PowerShell Cmdlets to be the most useful feature of SharePoint. PowerShell Cmdlets  is the most useful stuff for every SharePoint Developer and also Administrators for configuration and provisioning applications and services.

There must be more than 500+ such cmdlets available, but I would like to share some of the cmdlets that are useful day-to-day to SharePoint Developers.

ImgSrc: Mart's Sitecore Art
How to use the PowerShell Cmdlets?
There are two ways to use these PowerShell Cmdlets:
1) From the SP2010 Management Shell
This opens a PowerShell Console session with all the cmdlets loaded.

2) Adding the Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell snap-in
Open a new PowerShell window, add the Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell snap-in to start using the cmdlets.

The Cmdlets
Add Solution
Add-SPSolution <literal path of wsp file> Deploy Solution
Install-SPSolution -Identity <solution_file (WSP Name)> -GACDeploymentUninstall So…

10 Techniques to Achieve Maximum Test Case Coverage

Any Software requirement or Application code is fully covered or not can be guaranteed by Test Case Coverage. Now a day, testing has reached at an advance level. Many testers are facing it as a challenge to achieve maximum test coverage at first cut. Here I am going to give few tips and techniques to achieve it.

1. Mapping the requirements to the test cases:
For this use Requirement Trace-ability Matrix. It will help to find out any requirements are missing or document inconsistency.

2. Functional Test Coverage:
We have to write all the test case as per the Functionality/Features mentioned under Specification.

3. UI/UX:
All UI icons, buttons, screens, tabs, menus, Validations etc. should be covered under test cases. So it will be helpful to the end users. 

4. Use different test case design techniques like Equivalence Partitioning (EP), Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) and Decision Table.

5. Structure (Code Coverage Analysis) Test Coverage:
Test Cases cover the minimum part of the code. Testing sh…

10 CSS Best Practice Tips

Here are some of the quick tips for best practices of writing CSS which we usually do not give more attention to while coding. These practices help in ease of development as well as maintain the standard compliance code.

∗ Avoid using !important It is a bad practice to use !important inside style sheets to override some CSS declarations. As a developer we find it very easy or lazy(!) to use !important rule to override a declaration in CSS, sometimes even when its not necessary. Instead, understand the CSS hierarchy and use of powerful selectors.

Lets study an example to understand basic CSS cascading:

This is our HTML markup:
  <p id="new">A paragraph of text.</p>
  <p class="new">A second paragraph of text.</p>
  <p class="new mytext">A second paragraph of text.</p>

Let's apply multiple properties to same element. Below is our CSS rule set.

* {color…

10 new features to know about C# 7.0

1. Tuples:    Tuples are a temporary grouping of values.A tuple allows you to combine multiple values of possibly different types into a single object without having to create a custom class.Now with C# 7.0, we can return more than one value from a method.It supports a direct way to return multiple return values from a method.
2) Ref Return and Locals:C# now supports returning values from methods by reference. In addition, local variables could be declared as ‘ref’ variables. A method could return a reference to an internal data structure. Instead of returning a copy, the return value would be a reference to the internal storage:
ref PhysicalObject GetPointer(Position p) { int index = p.GetIndex(); returnref Objects[index]; } refvar a = ref GetPointer(p); a.SomeFunction(); 3) Throw ExpressionsIn C# 7.0 you can throw exceptions directly from expressions. The following example will show you how:
string s = (Age < 58 ? thrownew Exception("Not a senior citizen!")) : &qu…

Basic Points Developers Should Consider About Design

It has been observed that being a hard core programmer we forget to look at the obvious visuals of product or website. Visual appearance is the first priority of any product. Here are some tips worth keeping in mind as the ultimate goal is better product.
1. Follow User Centered ApproachI observed some developers skipping very obvious issues of design considering it is not something that they have to look into. Remember, the ultimate goal for any development is user or clients. What matters at the end is quality of overall product.

Simply take an example of buying a car. Compare two cars. Both are of same brand, features, functionality and color.

Car1 has a very little scratch of white color on the window side and so the price was little reduced. Car2 is absolutely brand new.
Which car you would prefer to buy?

It is obvious that we will not compromise on quality while buying some expensive things. Apply the same rule when working for your clients or users. This will help in avoidin…

5 Employee Engagement Activities that Worked For My Team

1.Team – LunchLuxurious Lunches have always been most favorite activity of my team-mates. It is one thing I’ll always find everyone Ever-ready and Ever-excited about. I can say it’s because of the team interaction and getting to know each other better but common! Who am I kidding? We are talking about luxury buffets here. It’s all about food and the experience. But bottom line, it brings smile on everyone’s face and being their HR, it’s important for me to take care of their happiness.

2.Diwali Celebration
      Diwali Week Celebration is one of the most enjoyed activities of the year by the team. The festive spirits are high during this time. Therefore, I prepare a one whole week celebration plan known as “Diwali Week”. Everyday 2 to 3 hours are allocated for games and activities. This time I included combinations of diverse activities starting from Dress-codes, Decorations, Rangoli, Diwali -games, One-minute competitions and all-time favorite ‘Housie’. Everyone had amazing week and on…

Basic Things to be Considered While Writing a Test Case

Test case writing is an activity which has a great impact on the testing phase. So, writing test cases which are effective as well as reusable is very important. Here are some points you have to keep in mind while writing test case.
Requirement understanding and Clarification: Before starting writing test cases, needs to understand user requirements and scope of the testing. If you have any queries then get it clarified. Never ever assume anything, which leads incomplete or mislead testing. While requirement understanding, if you find any missing requirement or scenarios, confirm it. Test Coverage using Traceability matrix: List down all the functional and non-functional requirements. You can get this information from requirement documents or impact analysis documents. Use Traceability matrix to ensure test coverage. Prepare Real Life scenarios: While writing test cases you should concentrate on real life scenarios first which end user going to use day to day life activity and accord…