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25 Reasons Why Working at Zest is Amazing!

“If you’re looking for amazing people to be part of your team, you need to be an amazing place to work for.”

Every company looks for best, amazing, rock-star, expert, excellent candidates to join their firm but what most forget is that it’s a two-way expectations. The candidate also looks for an amazing place to work for. While hiring amazing people is the primary focus and can be achieved with reasonable efforts, creating an amazing place for them and retaining such people is altogether different job and requires even more efforts.

Creating an amazing workplace requires a fine balance and match between company’s values and its people’s values. Although it may sound something impossible to achieve considering the diversity of people’s thoughts and beliefs, A standard set of values can always be worked out based on Experience, Observations and Information.

Which is why, here at Zest, one of the many things we do is constantly encourage feedback at all levels and help each other to be a better versions of ourselves. Through various dedicated platforms, people express their views and opinions freely which helps to provide better understanding of team’s outlook and thus helps to take right actions to maintain the harmony at work.

In 19 different interviews throughout last one year with Zest people, who’ve been working with the company for more than a year and two now, I’ve summarized 25 characteristics that make Zest a desirable place to work for.

Here is the Graphic representation of summarized firsthand information from Zest people:

1. Supportive & Great team-mates

It’s the best part of our team culture. From solving problem to helping a mate to having fun, Zest team is always ready to support each other. The Supportiveness can be experienced in even most basics of day to day situations to organization level challenges.

2. Celebrations / Team Activities

Work hard, party harder. Yes, that’s what we follow at Zest. We have a complete separate schedule for celebrations every year. We keep bringing in new activities and celebrations ideas. Whether it’s Festival / Birthday celebrations, Picnic, Team games or everyone’s favorite Team-lunches, we are always welcoming to opportunities and ideas to celebrate.

3. Good-Environment

The environment is created by people for people. By practicing attitudes like Empathy, Supportiveness, Problem-Solving and so on at all levels in ZEST, we create a good environment to work in. Encouragement to Self-discipline, friendly team, stress-free working approaches and free atmosphere are some of the other things that makes Zest’s environment likable to it’s people.

4. Continuous Learning / Growing Approach

We believe in consistently sharpening our axes to stay at best of our performances. We continuously keep learning and keep bettering our work approaches. At the same time keeping ourselves updated with latest technology trends and evolutions is important at ZEST for growth of both people and organization.

5. Flexible Timings

The semi-flexibility with work-timings that we provide at ZEST is something very helpful and a very well-liked facility to our people.

6. Transparency

We constantly encourage transparency at all levels. Simply put, any small or big decisions, changes or challenges that we face or make happen, we want our team to be part of all.

7. Stress-free / Enjoying Working

Since we exercise self-discipline in our team, micro-management doesn’t exist at ZEST. We hire capable resources, involve them in decision making process and trust them to perform up to expectations. Result to which is, people don’t feel stressed but enjoy their work.

8. Challenging tasks & Learning Opportunities

Every difficult task that you do brings in lots of opportunities to learn. That’s the reason we divide such opportunities equally within our team and switch team mates among various challenging tasks.

9. Importance to Employees

Many a times we’ve adjusted our policies, processes, procedures and work style by actively involving our employees in the same and accepting feedback from them.

10. Good Pay

Well, that’s that!

11. Open Door policy / Approachable Leaders

We have literally open-door policy at ZEST. Anyone can approach, any authority, anytime and they will be welcomed.

12. Freedom / Liberty to be innovative and make mistakes

Try-learn-fail-share. That’s one of the Values of ZEST. Mistakes are okay as long as one learns from it and share the lesson with others in the team. At the same time ZEST culture allow people to be innovative

13. SharePoint Expertise

Being into business of SharePoint for more than 3 years and with the team of SharePoint experts holding experience of 5-12 years, We’re quite unbeatable at our jobs.

14. Good Product / Work

We build products that provides features that are most valuable to users but missing in SharePoint. That makes it really challenging the status quo and thinking beyond so many limitations that SharePoint has applied to end users! That gives us opportunity to work on challenging tasks and work.

15. Systematic / Processes-oriented

We use agile, continues integration/continues delivery using team city, bug fixing life cycle, build and release management, gitflow with mercurial and all the goodness of latest DevOps that can help us utilize our team mates smartly! We use tools like Target Process to manage our project and agile culture makes it fun working on day to day basis!

16. No Politics

Zest conducts training for team to provide a good understanding of the company culture and the expected behavior. At the same time ZEST has zero-tolerance policy for Politics.

17. Youthful

We’re team of young technology enthusiasts.  While our people enjoy their work, their youthful energy and enthusiasm speaks for our environment.

18. Good Leadership

With leaders having very good technical experience and values and attitudes that we practice in our culture makes it a great leadership at ZEST.

19. Growth potential

Very good existing SharePoint products and our new products getting ready for launch shows great growth potential at ZEST.

20. Flat organizational structure

Regardless of the hierarchies and job titles, everybody is invited to contribute and lead the success at ZEST.

21. Empowering

Our leaders explains short-term and long-term goals to the team and that makes them empowered to make decision on free will as long as we are heading towards goal, they can make decisions without waiting for higher authority.

22. 5 days work week

Yes, we work 5 days a week and it’s one of the top favorite facilities according to our people.

23. Work life balance

We do not support overtime. We involve resources in planning of work schedule. We hire capable resources and expect everyone to be efficient and smart enough to finish their tasks on time. It ultimately helps them with their work-life balance.

24. Listening to ideas & concerns of employees

Listening to our people is most important to us. We provide various platform where people can share their opinions and suggestions. We frequently ask for their feedbacks and take actions on it.

25. Agile Methodology

We are following agile methodologies that integrates all stages of sprint delivery. We also have a thoughtful feedback process that provides detailed insights to the team mates to help us easily achieve sprint goals by improvising skills, attitudes, processes and almost anything that can be improved!

Wish to be part of our amazing team?!

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