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SharePoint Framework Reading List - April 2017

Welcome to another Zest Blog post! In this blog post series, I will be sharing links to blogs from various locations on internet which are useful while planning, developing and deploying your SharePoint Framework based solutions. 

In this first part of SharePoint Framework Reading List, I am giving away list of links that can help you understand what is new with SharePoint Framework, its technical and end user benifits, when to and when not to use SharePoint Framework. Here it goes:
  1. When to use the new SharePoint Framework - Read through this article to if you are looking for guidelines regarding what are some important take aways and limitatinos of SharePoint Framework.
  2. Why SharePoint Framework - This is a github page wiki link from the dev-docs which are official documentation of SharePoint Framewrok.
  3. Why SharePoint Framework could benefit business, not just developers - This article provides 3 basic reasons why you must love SharePoint Framework even if you are not a developer!
  4. SharePoint Framework Roadmap - Bookmark and follow roadmap of SharePoint Framework.
  5. The SharePoint Framework: a new path for developers? - Here you will find how your existing sharepoint development team will be thinking while working on SharePoint Framework based development.
  6. When to use & Not to use SharePoint Framework - Another article that provides guidelines on where SharePoint Framework best fits and where not.
  7. All You Need to Know About the New SharePoint Framework - States some of the benifits of using SharePoint Framework
  8. When should you plan to use new SharePoint Framework? - This article states various parameters and help you decide based on the answers if you can use SharePoint Framework for your next big project or not.
  9. End-user benefits of the new SharePoint framework - This article explains apart from technology side of SharePoint Framework how UX is improved for end user.
  10. EVOLUTION OF SHAREPOINT FROM SERVER SIDE TO CLIENT SIDE - This article explains technical prospective of SharePoint Framework's advantage and disadvantages.
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