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Top Challenges Faced During Test Case Review And Tips To Overcome It

Test case review helps to identify missing scenarios, ensures all the functionalities are covered, all test case writing standards, finds undiscovered bugs. 

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Challenges for Test Case Review:
  • Needs to derive that all the functionalities should be covered
  • Find out that all the scenarios must be covered
  • Each test case should contain subject, pre-requisites, steps and follow standards
  • Finding out missing impacted areas 
  • Notifying duplicate, redundant, incomplete test cases 
  • Verify required test data 
  • Confirm understanding of test case writer
  • Written Test Cases should generate undiscovered defects
  • If required non-functional test cases should be included
  • Test cases should be grouped properly like (UI, functional, non-functional should be separated)
Tips to Overcome challenges of Test Case Review:
  • To make sure all the functionalities are covered or not use Requirement Traceability Matrix. All tests should be traceable to the requirements 
  • Use Test Case design techniques i.e.  Boundary Value Analysis(BVA), Equivalence Partitioning(EP) etc. to find out all the scenarios are covered or not
  • To define subject, pre-requisites, steps, expected result etc. under test case properly
    • Test Case Template should be available and followed by test case writer
    • Checklist should be there and each checks should be covered
    • Peer Review should be done
  • To find out missing impacted areas
    • Use Impact Analysis Document
    • Requirement Understanding  should be proper
  • To solve  incomplete Test Data problems
    • Use Test Data Generators
    • Null Data should be there
    • Data should prepared in-advance for eg. For Orders Calculation related testing, Prepare one XLS having different items with formulas to calculate Order
  • To discover all the defects
    • All the Permutation and Combination should be there  for the mentioned requirements
    • Complex scenarios should  be covered
  • Include UI/UX, Security and Performance related test cases to cover non-functional requirements  
  • Do timely requirement review so any change in any requirement can also be updated under test cases
  • Test cases should be written independently so Assignment can become easy

Test case review is very important phase of Testing Cycle. So Review process should be done accurately to generate all defects on right time by executing the test cases. I hope above mentioned tips can be useful for  test case review.:)