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11 Best SharePoint Developer Tools

To work with SharePoint, you would like to know the list of tools to make working easier with SharePoint and will save your time and effort.

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To help you all newbies, I list down below some 11 widely used tools:

Visual Studio:

To develop code for either SharePoint, Azure, Office 365, etc. then you will need to use visual studio. I would suggest to use the latest version of visual studio as you will get to use it all cool features.

ULS Viewer:

This is the simplest tool used to view ULS log files in a simple way. You will see that you use this tool daily.

CAML Designer:

Easy to use tool for building CAML queries. With help of this you can build your CAML queries, test the query by executing and copy paste the queries to use it in your code.


A jquery library which abstracts SharePoint's web services and makes them easier to use. It includes useful functions which use various operations to provide useful capabilities. It is a complete client side solution.


A best friend if development is done using Visual Studio. There are many tips provided to refactor your code as you type.

.Net Reflector:

It is used to look a the code of the .net assemblies you have. Point it to the SharePoint binaries and it will convert the libraries to a readable code in C# or


It helps developers and administrators to check custom solution built using SharePoint Object Model and check that all SPObjects are properly disposed as per the best practices from Microsoft.


It helps developers and administrators to find and clean all the faulty and orphaned features by cleanly uninstalling them

SharePoint Manager:

It lets to browse through every site available in farm and view each of its settings and properties in detail, whether it be lists, libraries, fields, etc.

SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF):

It analyzes custom solutions and code. You can verify the quality, compliance and governance of SharePoint custom solutions before they can be moved to production. It can be integrated with Visual Studio and also as a stand-alone application is available.


Free tool for web developers which is ideal for analyzing SharePoint requests from clients by logging all hhtp(s) traffic.

Thus, working with these tools will indeed make your work easier with SharePoint!!!

Till my next post, enjoy working with SharePoint 😊