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Tricks To Find Maximum Bugs In Least Time

As a Quality Engineer we have to find all the hidden bugs with all types of severities from the Software.QA has to find bugs in less time so we can get an idea that Software is deliverable or not at the early stage and we can reduce failure of an application.

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I as a QA find maximum bugs from any application and I love to report bugs. Here are some of the tricks to find maximum bugs in less amount of time:

1. Get understanding of Software in detail before starting testing.
  • Get Understanding of Functionality
  • Get idea about how client is going to use our Software
  • Get an information that which platform/technology is going to be used
In short get thorough understanding of requirement and functionality.
2. Prepare Test Scenarios and Test Cases which include all areas i.e. Functional, UI/UX, Non-Functional etc.
3. Prepare Test Data which include Test Conditions, Boundaries, Positive and Negative test data, Permutation and Combination of all data.
4. Do not forget to cover all Impacted areas and Inter-dependency of Modules.
5. Do testing on different Browsers and Environments.

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6. Refer list of bugs of previous builds as developer implement one functionality then impact of that code re-generate already fixed bugs
7. While testing if you found one bug for particular Module/Area then think other areas which can be broken due to that.
8. Always do Complex Scenarios first.
9. Do Usability, Performance, Security related testing.
10. Use Error guessing, Ad hock, Trial and Error Testing Techniques to find hidden bugs.
11. Do testing with the aim in mind as to break the system.

To find bugs from the software is very important task of QA in least amount of time. So if you want to find max bugs of the software above mentioned tricks can be useful to you. Post max bugs and Enjoy :)