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BEM - Overview and Usability

BEM Methodology is a new pathway to naming convention in HTML & CSS. Its an approach towards unified language, using three powerful entities - Block, Elements and Modifiers, which can be used to produce leading standards for industrial web services.
Why BEM? You must have wondered, why should we use BEM when there are so many ways to use naming conventions in CSS, or you already have your own standards?! Things can be surely attained in various ways but ultimately what makes difference is its usability and effectiveness.
Some considerable advantages of BEM are:
Reuse code base (as its component based)Avoid structural dependencies (by using only class names)Avoid too many comments in CSS files (helping in optimization)Simplifying refactoring of large files or sitesMaintains consistency, hence semantic, across the site in forms of independent blocks & stylesLess KT sessions as its self explanatoryIndependent from any library or APIs Basics of  BEM: It simply is all about naming …

Powershell Commands in SP2016 Part-II

Some cmdlets of SP2016 I described in my previous post Powershell Commands In SP2016 Part-I. I will describe some more cmdlets in this post.

So lets get started and have a glimpse at remaining ones of new cmdlets:
Get-SPWebTemplatesEnabledForSiteMasterUse this cmdlet to get the full list of all the site master web templates in the farm.
Eg. Get-SPWebTemplatesEnabledForSiteMaster Import-SPAccessServicesDatabaseThis cmdlet imports the service database from the bacpac package as exported by the cmdlet Export-SPAccessServicesDatabase (explained in my previous post). A Bacpac file is created by SQL Server during an export operation of a database. It contains all the information needed for moving or importing the database to a new SQL Server. 
Eg.  Import-SPAccessServicesDatabase -Bacpac AccessApp.bacpac -DatabaseName $db -ServerReferenceId $id
Here, Bacpac, Databasename and ServerReferenceId are the required parameters. Move-SPSocialCommentThis cmdlet moves the social comment from one page t…