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5 Must Have Things in Employee On-boarding!

In this post, I’ve included some important things that need to be taken care of in an organization during joining of a new employee. This is easy and any organization can implement it with just a little planning. An effective on-boarding plan is something that helps a new employee to settle in as a part of the team.

Here are 5 must haves for a new employee’s on-boarding plan:

1. Orientation – Introduction to Team & Job Role

It’s important that the new employee feels welcome to the new team that he/she is going to be part of. A small act of gathering the team and asking them to introduce / greet each other will do the trick. However, I prefer to take it a step further and so, at Zest, before I put this new employee in spotlight in the circle full of strangers and ask for his / her introduction, our team takes initiative by greeting him personally upon his arrival on his first day. And by the time the introduction begins, they are not really strangers anymore.

Next, the introduction to job role sets him into the motion right away and further helps him directing his energies and efforts accordingly. Our team makes sure to provide him/her good enough comfort & support to go through this transition with ease.

2. Company Introduction -  Mission, Vision & Goals / Stakeholders / Products & Services / Departments

A New Employee should be provided with detailed introduction about Company’s facts like stakeholders, products & services, departments and so on. Simultaneously he should be provided with great understanding of the Company’s Mission, Vision, Goals & Culture. It’s really important for a New employee to know what set of values the company believes in, what company is trying to achieve and what is expected of him to help company achieving it. This is the most important thing that an organization can do to uphold its culture.

This gives the new employee a clarity and thus avoids any misunderstandings and misguiding. Furthermore, explaining culture communicates what is expected of him and thus sets him in alignment with organization’s goals and culture.

3. HR Policy & Procedures

Next must have for New employee’s onboarding is to explain him all the HR policies procedures like Attendance, Timesheet, Leaves, Holidays, Violations, probation, appraisals, terminations, dress-codes, and anymore rules and regulations that the company follows. Knowing all this helps an organization to maintain discipline and processes and on the other hand makes him confident and independent to choose his required actions.

4. Training – Processes & Tools Training

Implement a training program before getting a New employee straight into the work. Every organization has a different work processes and methods. Providing training for the tools and processes an organization uses before getting into actual work makes it smooth for him and gives him confidence. 'No training' can cause his work look like chaos and scary to him at first.

5. On-boarding Feedback

This is an absolute must-have as it gives an organization a really good understanding of what’s working for their people and what’s not, what kind of problems they faced and what could’ve helped them better in this transition. At the same time, this feedback helps an organization to improve the onboarding process and make it more effective for next new employee.

So here you go with 5 must haves for any organization to start off on the right foot with a new employee and have an effective and mutually beneficial work association.